Nr. Kurs Zeit/Ort Preise
SS 24
587 Kraft für Berglauf/Trainrun
Javorský Tomáš
MI 15:00-16:00
Der Kurs wurde am 26.02.2024 abgesagt!
Outpace the competition by slowing down? That's the mantra of our course that will help us to unlock the secrets of superior running by mastering the art of slowing down.

Prepare to delve into the realm of aerobic excellence - priming you for mountain conquests and long-distance feats. Throughout the program, we will engage in various training activities such as gym workouts, track sessions, and extensive running. Regular fitness assessment tests will allow us to monitor our progress, and the first and last sessions will be dedicated to such evaluations. Remember to bring your pulse monitor device with the heart belt—a formidable ally in assessing your fitness prowess!
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